It’s Time to Transform & De-Risk the Way We Buy & Sell

It’s time to end: the ‘buying’ struggles experienced by Business Customers, Procurement, Business Owners and Consumers; the ‘selling’ struggles experienced by B2B & B2C Suppliers; the Time-To-Market struggles experienced by New Product Development Teams and Startups. It’s time to let Business Customers and Consumers drive solution design. 

THE PROBLEM: As supply chain professionals over the last 20+ years, we have witnessed:

  • [Buyers] Businesses often struggling to find the exact type of products and services their companies require from suppliers, and then sign up for solutions that result in less-than-satisfactory outcomes;
  • [Buyers] Procurement processes (to source, evaluate and select suppliers, goods and services) fraught with issues and preventing the business from achieving its operational and strategic goals;
  • [Buyers] Consumers in a similar boat – placing significant trust in suppliers, retailers, services, memberships etc., in the hope that they will receive what was promised to them, in return for their hard-earned cash – not knowing whether to take the risk;
  • [Sellers] Suppliers with innovative products and services, that haven’t been exposed adequately to all the businesses that seek and need such solutions;
  • [Sellers] New product development teams struggling to achieve Time-To-Market targets due to being unable to find suppliers that can meet their design requirements, causing commercialisation delays; often needing to reduce the complexity of product design to meet supplier capability, and run out of time to complete adequate product/service/innovation market research testing;
  • [Sellers] Startups struggling to adequately test their new product/service/innovation.

It’s time to end these struggles, transform and de-risk the way we buy and sell.

A Global Problem with a Global Technology Solution – Launching 2018

THE SOLUTION: In November 2017, Sharyn Grant, MD of SCC, founded a new technology company that will be launched early 2018. We are developing a web-based platform and app to remove and address these struggles, but with a major twist.

Our solution will break down barriers between B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer). We will disrupt and expedite the way the world buys and sells, by directly connecting innovative businesses and consumers with innovative suppliers, in a very specific and exciting way.

Business Customers and Consumers will have a voice, about their needs and wants, a very big voice, and will be listened to intently by Suppliers. Suppliers, New Product Development Teams and Startups will have the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate the worth of their solutions, and receive the feedback they need.

A one-stop-shop non-eCommerce platform – with a twist – for almost every solution a business and consumer typically needs, where the customer’s voice continuously drives design.

Market Research Project – February/March 2018

WE NEED YOU: We can’t yet mention the major twist of this exciting new venture, nor yet its name, but we’d love for you to be involved in our Market Research Project to test our beta technology platform, to ensure your voice drives its design. All will be revealed then.

We are seeking a sample of our new venture’s target markets for a 6-week Market Research Project commencing February 2018:

  • BUSINESS CUSTOMERS (seeking 50): businesses / positions / teams that buy, merchandise, conduct NPD research or startup companies
  • B2B & B2C SUPPLIERS (seeking 50 B2B/50 B2C/50 Startups): businesses / positions / teams that sell, design, make, assemble, supply goods or services, distribute, market/promote, develop brands, conduct NPD research, product commercialisation or startup companies
  • BUSINESS MANAGERS (seeking 50): businesses / positions / teams that have end-to-end supply chain participation in what they buy and sell: business owners, marketers, supply chain managers, brand managers, merchandisers or startup companies
  • CONSUMERS (seeking 50): individuals, families, professionals

Join our Market Research Project

Starts February 2018

– You will be well looked after and guided step-by-step.
– Be rewarded with amazing benefits.
– It’s time to de-risk the way you buy and sell.

Contact Sharyn Grant by email regarding
NEW VENTURE before 2 February 2018.

You will be added to our interest register and provided with more information late January 2018 or early February 2018.

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