5 Tragic Reasons Your Supply Chain Career is Stagnant

No matter whether your supply chain or logistics career is at entry level, a career change, operational, executive or senior management, you are the ruler of your career destiny and ultimately responsible for its direction and success. Here are some potential reasons why your supply chain or logistics career hasn’t yet met your goals and expectations.


1.   No Career Plan

Let’s face it, there are a myriad of career choices within supply chain and logistics, and it can take time to find ‘where you fit’ and ‘your passion’. But the quicker you ‘find your calling’, the faster you will be able to develop and execute your career plan, and achieve your goals.

Click here for a list of supply chain and logistics capabilities where expertise can be developed (click on each image and scroll down to the dot point list). As your career, experience, interests and expertise grows, what you want from your career will most likely change, many times over.

A career plan does not necessarily mean a corporate ladder roadmap to the highest level within a company. It is simply a plan which identifies how to achieve what you want from your supply chain or logistics career, regardless whether that is to be an Inventory Analyst or the Vice President Supply Chain of the Asia Pacific region, or a Subject Matter Expert in a specific area or methodology.


2.   Career Plan Not Fully Executed

That’s excellent you have a career plan, but for some reason or another, you haven’t been able to execute it how you would have preferred. Here are some key issues which may be impeding your progress:

  • a specific situation is making the plan currently unattainable
  • your interests have changed or you’ve lost focus on your goals
  • no opportunities to get the experience required or you are in-between dream jobs
  • no experts to work with and learn from
  • unsure how to implement new knowledge
  • avoiding risk has been the easier option
  • other priorities have had greater urgency
  • lack of confidence to forge ahead
  • you’ve been subjected to unconstructive criticism, unfairly overlooked and have lost momentum
  • you’ve found cracks in your plan and have realised a lot more skills are required to achieve your goals
  • you have substantial qualifications, certificates, experience and expertise, but you’re stuck and undecided about what your next move should be
  • you have not clearly communicated your career plans to those who should be aware of this
  • you have been waiting years for a promotion that’s never going to happen.


3.   Understating or Overstating Your Expertise

There are at least 60 supply chain and logistics skills sets that are required at expert levels to establish world-class supply chains and operations. You will need at least one of these skills at expert level to catapult your career. Chances are, you most likely have many of these skills, and at varying degrees of expertise. But without identifying what they all are and understanding the level of your expertise within each skill set, you are most likely underselling yourself when career opportunities arise.

On the flip side, only a brave person calls them self an expert in a particular area unless they have substantial expertise, experience and evidence. Any gaps in expertise can be addressed through receiving Coaching and Executive Education from Supply Chain Coach® as we purposely maintain an inventory of the 60 supply chain and logistics skills sets at expert-level within our Team.


4.   How You Operate Could Be Letting You Down

It’s not just about technical expertise. How well do you know yourself? It is critically important to be aware of your strengths but especially your developmental areas.

How you view the world, work with others, make decisions, solve problems, deal with stress, gather information, approach conflict resolution and change – all have a direct impact on your ability to seize career opportunities, be considered for promotions and achieve your goals.


5.   You’ve Lost Your Competitive Mojo

Frustrated? Good. Action happens when you’re frustrated. You need to be the full package to succeed in your supply chain and logistics career. This includes:

  • dressing for success with a professional appearance suitable to your work
  • having a highly impactful LinkedIn profile to boost your personal brand presence
  • having an excellent, effective and suitable resume that is regularly updated due to your rapid expertise progression
  • building your professional network to broaden your opportunity reach
  • clearly communicating your career goals and expectations
  • becoming an interviewee expert
  • broadening your job search options
  • capitalising on opportunities to further build your expertise, utilise your strengths and address your developmental areas
  • leading by example.


What’s your next step to end your career struggles?

Time to exit your ‘career rut’ and take back control of your destiny.

If you want a seriously competitive approach to advancing your supply chain or logistics career, Supply Chain Coach® can help you. We provide guidance for ambitious professionals to accelerate their career in supply chain and logistics.

By: Sharyn Grant - See all Posts by this Author

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