At Supply Chain Coach® we believe that no one person is greater than the sum of us. We aim to be an employer of choice and Australia’s preferred avenue for independent supply chain experts to fulfil their dreams and live their passion by enabling our clients to fulfil theirs.


Our team has the 60+ skill sets required at expert level to deliver substantial value across the five core supply chain capabilities.

Within the five core supply chain capabilities we use to establish world-class supply chains and operations that continuously create value (i.e. Supply Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources), there are over 60 skill sets required at expert levels to deliver this value.

We maintain a large expert team with the capability and capacity to deliver this value to our client base and will continue to build and grow our team.


Our experts have 400+ years of supply chain improvement experience and have invested over $1M on their professional development.

Operating Australia-wide, Supply Chain Coach® boasts a solid team of employees and independent coaches and trainers with world-wide experience. Our supply chain experts have over 400 years of combined supply chain and operational improvement experience and are thought leaders who have invested over one million dollars on their professional development.

Our Managing Director Sharyn Grant (Supply Chain Value Creator) manages the contractual relationship with all clients, plays a lead role in designing coaching and professional development programs, and personally works on many of the programs with the team, in addition to providing one-on-one support to clients.


Our high quality standards result in generating the highest levels of returns for our clients at the least risk.

As part of our risk management strategy to protect the interests of our clients and our company, we have a very strict independent contractor pre-qualification process which includes an extensive background check of expert-level supply chain skills, experience, qualifications, convictions, insurances, referees, identity, right to work in Australia and writing capabilities. A 100% pass on all checks is required to contract with our company. Less than 20% of applicants pass all checks.

Successful independent coaches and trainers are offered the opportunity to contract with our company when the need for their expertise is required. Our independent coaches and trainers are expected to maintain and further build expert level skills in best practice world-class supply chain management methodologies through lifelong professional development.

The continuous professional development of our Service Delivery Team is monitored ongoing so that we continue to bring our clients the best possible supply chain expertise. Our clients are confident that they are working with the best Supply Chain Service Delivery Team this country has to offer.


Our Support Teams are committed to maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of our company for the benefit of our clients and Service Delivery Team.

Our Client Support & Corporate Support Teams consist of employees and outsourced management support who are dedicated to maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of our company to world-class standards, to maintain operational excellence and business continuity. They provide comprehensive support to our clients, our Service Delivery Team and to each other, and ensure that the clients who need us most, are aware of our existence and have easy access to our services.

Our Support Teams are committed to ensuring the company: achieves exponential growth, has excellent financial strength for longevity, manages risk extremely closely and achieves optimal commercial and strategic outcomes in alignment with our Strategic Business Plan.


We boast a 14-year-strong low-risk business model, 95% virtual operation with an Australia-wide reach, and leverage the comprehensive business management system and shared infrastructure of our parent company LSC Solutions Pty Ltd.

Supply Chain Coach® is powered and supported by LSC Solutions Pty Ltd which has been established since 2004. Our low-risk business model allows us to rapidly scale up and scale down in alignment with marketplace demand.

We are proudly a 95% virtual operation with an Australia-wide reach, supported by our company’s comprehensive Business Management System and shared infrastructure. Only excellently run supply chain coaching and educational companies are in the best position to provide clients with the type of support that generates the highest levels of return on investment at the least risk. We are experts at managing risk, and at unleashing and creating continuous value for our clients and for our company.

Our Team


Sharyn Grant

MBus(LogMgt), BBus(Log&OpsMgt& HRM), SCOR-P

Managing Director

Over 20 years’ supply chain experience with expertise in supply chain performance management (measurement, systems, reporting, analysis of reliability, responsiveness, agility, cost management, asset management efficiency); customer service performance; contract management; risk management; project management; management of change, communications, stakeholders; organisational development; supply chain strategy; strategic supply chain management; strategic alignment to business strategy; supply chain segmentation and prioritisation; supply chain engagement / collaboration / partnerships; supply chain policy; value creation and co-creation; supply chain process review and alignment to network; customer relationship management; supplier relationship management; order fulfillment; returns management; procedure development; best practices evaluation; cross functional and cross firm process synchronisation; resources alignment to processes and network; human resourcing assessment and organisation.

Vast experience in a variety of industry sectors including manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, maintenance, transportation, energy, mining, services, ports, fabrication, engineering, construction, retail, health, hospitality, agriculture and education. Proven track record in leading strategic supply chain improvement programs; designing strategic supply chain performance management strategies; supply chain advisory to senior executive; managing significant change programs and benefits realisation.

Completing a Doctorate in Supply Chain Performance Management and holds a Masters in Logistics Management “With Distinction”; Degree in Logistics, Operations & HRM; SCOR-P Certified; Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training; MBTI Qualified Administrator; diploma studies in business management, HRM, purchasing and project management. For more information about “Our Founder” visit LSC Solutions Pty Ltd


Emma Morgan


Business Manager

Over 12 years’ experience working in supply chain and logistics environments and commenced with the company in 2008.

Provides a high level of business management and executive support to the Managing Director, to assist with shaping the company and ensuring that it achieves its strategic objectives.

Responsible for contributing towards the company’s strategic direction, assisting with implementing the Strategic Business Plan and reporting implementation progress; managing the company’s Business Management System and ensuring the system is current, efficient, effective and available for the company’s Service Delivery Teams and Support Teams.

Provides assistance with Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Events Management; maintains the Customer Relationship Management system; and assists with the evaluation of internal Information Communications Technology systems.

Supports the Managing Director in a wide range of management and operational activities. Completed university studies in human resource management with a distinction average and has received multiple awards for excellence and top student.

Independent Coaches & Trainers:

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