Supply Chain Coach® enjoys access to the alliances established by its parent company LSC Solutions Pty Ltd, with like-minded associations whose mission is to grow supply chain benefits for firms and bring increased value to the greater Professional Supply Chain Community.



Both Supply Chain Coach® and Supply Chain Manager® are agencies within their parent company LSC Solutions Pty Ltd which was established in 2004.

At Supply Chain Manager® “we’ll do it for you”. At Supply Chain Coach® “we’ll show you how”.

Supply Chain Manager® provides firms with expert supply chain advice, direction, supply chain project management, ‘hands-on’ assistance through insourced support and a complete outsourced supply chain department managed by a supply chain manager.


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LSC Solutions Pty Ltd is the only company in the world to partner with the Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMi) in Florida. For the benefit of firms and the Professional Supply Chain Community, this collaboration allows LSC Solutions Pty Ltd via its agencies Supply Chain Coach® and Supply Chain Manager® to deliver the methodologies that have increased the value of multi-billion dollar corporations and supply chains in the USA and around the world. Methodologies include:

  • Supply Chain Management Framework
  • The Partnership Model and The Collaboration Framework – tools for structuring high performance business relationships.