What does Supply Chain Coach® do?

Supply Chain Coach® provides supply chain and logistics management coaching and executive education to empower individuals and teams to be able to not only improve the performance of their supply chains and operations, but to help them to actually achieve the strategic objectives of their corporate strategy. We are not particularly fans of the word “improve” as we are committed to showing and educating individuals and teams how to work to measureable results to ensure that their strategic performance targets are achieved.

Why do individuals and firms seek support from Supply Chain Coach®?

Firstly, Supply Chain Coach® assumes that the firm has individuals or teams, and who are available, to receive coaching and/or attend executive education programs. Therefore, firms who seek our guidance are primarily requiring our expertise, since they already have the resources and the time (unlike our sister agency Supply Chain Manager™ which assists firms with insufficient expertise, resources and/or time to manage supply chain requirements).

Our expertise is sought so that supply chain expert knowledge can be transferred to the individuals and teams who are responsible for supply chain-related strategic and operational activities, functions, relationships, continuous improvement initiatives, implementations, professional development and managing change.

The transferred knowledge allows these individuals and teams to be able to do what it takes to achieve performance targets, then sustain and then improve again to new target standards. Whatever your strategic supply chain objectives are, we coach and educate individuals and teams how to achieve them.

Strategic objectives come in all shapes and sizes. Some firms seek guidance how to grow, whilst others seek guidance how to cope with growth. Some seek guidance with increasing profit stability and profit growth, whilst others seek guidance how to improve asset and cost management efficiency. Many of our clients seek guidance with supply chain risk management and customer service performance improvement.

Why was Supply Chain Coach® established?

For many years our parent company LSC Solutions Pty Ltd received the following types of comments from senior management clients:

“It’s a lonely place at the top.”

“I’m expected to have all the answers.”

“I’m expected to be an expert in everything.”

“I have no one to confide in and guide me.”

“I’m sure going to miss you after this supply chain project. I’ve been so used to going to you for supply chain advice whenever I needed it.”

We do not want senior management and personnel feeling this pressure and stress, particularly when we are only a phone call or email away.

Supply Chain Coach® was established for 3 reasons – which are identified in our slogan: Empower Achieve Master

  • Empower your staff by giving them knowledge/know-how support from a coach and/or executive education program
  • Staff will then be able to Achieve performance targets and any other outcomes/goals required
  • Once achieved, then staff will build further capability to Master the sustainment of outcomes and continuous improvement, through ongoing coaching and/or executive education
  • Then staff will be able to Empower others (pay it forward) and the cycle repeats: Empower . Achieve . Master …. repeat. This is the recipe for establishing a self-replicating winning culture.

Will your supply chain coaches do the work for me?

Essentially no, but there are documents and presentations that your supply chain coach will need to prepare prior to coaching sessions, for example:

  • coaching program planning documents
  • informational presentations
  • educational presentations
  • coaching program update presentations
  • workbooks and templates
  • documented feedback on any work you needed them to review
  • program progress reports
  • program evaluation and status reports

The objective of supply chain expert knowledge transfer is not achieved when we do the work for you. Transferred knowledge is reinforced when the individual or teams complete the work they have just been guided, trained or educated how to complete, followed up by comprehensive feedback.

Firms lacking the resources, time and/or expertise to manage supply chain requirements, are encouraged to contact our sister agency Supply Chain Manager® at:



What can your supply chain coaches help me with?

See Coaching for more information. Here are some examples of the support your supply chain coach can provide:

  • Review your work: Your supply chain coach can review any supply chain-related documents, analyses, strategies and recommendations etc. that you produce, and can provide you with comprehensive and timely feedback. You will never have to go it alone again.
  • Urgent guidance: Your supply chain coach can provide you with immediate support to get you out of a tight spot, answer burning questions or quickly help you to identify how best to manage an issue or a risk.
  • General guidance: Individuals or teams responsible for any supply chain-related strategic and operational activities, functions, project, implementation etc, are bound to have questions they will need answered in order to help set them on the right track or get back on track. On many occasions they just need confirmation or clarification. “Should I implement these steps?”. Whilst this can be adhoc support, it still allows your team to rapidly increase their productivity, instead of coming to a standstill from not knowing what to do or choosing to postpone or delay making decisions or progress; or worse – making the wrong decision.
  • Structured guidance: Our Coaching Programs provide the opportunity for planned and semi-structured or fully-structured coaching support so that the bigger picture is taken into consideration, which allows our coaches to provide informed guidance. For example, your team may need to implement a strategy or system for the first time and may need guidance how best to approach this and may need close guidance throughout the implementation.
  • Other examples include:
    • Post-Training Support: Get a return on your training investment ASAP; e.g. you may have just completed one of our Executive Education Programs and require guidance to implement the methodologies and your new knowledge.
    • Post-Supply Chain Manager™ Support: You may have just completed a service delivered by our sister agency Supply Chain Manager™ and require further guidance to progress requirements but still want greater independence to complete the work yourself.
  • Click on the following links to identify the five core supply chain capabilities that we possess at expert levels to provide you with guidance through coaching: Supply Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources. Within these areas of capability there are over 60 supply chain skill sets – we maintain an inventory of all of these skills at expert-levels.

Do I get to pick my own supply chain coach?

This is possible, however we are in the best position to match expertise to your requirements. We appreciate first-hand that establishing a best-fit supply chain coach is imperative to achieving required outcomes. We will do everything to ensure you have the best mix of expertise and harmony on your supply chain team.

What types of services does Supply Chain Coach® provide?

We provide supply chain coaching and executive education.

  • Coaching: On Demand Coaching and Coaching Programs across a range of supply chain capabilities including Supply Chain Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources; in addition to providing coaching on how to use the methodologies covered in the executive education programs.
  • Education: Executive Education Programs in SCMi Supply Chain Management Framework, SCMi High Performance Business Relationships and Supply Chain Transformation Blueprint.

Please click on the above links for a comprehensive explanation of these support options and expertise.

Is Supply Chain Manager™ a sister company?

Both Supply Chain Manager™ and Supply Chain Coach® are agencies within their parent company LSC Solutions Pty Ltd www.lscs.com.au which was established in 2004.

Supply Chain Manager™ provides supply chain and logistics management consulting and support through Workshop Facilitation, Consulting and Intensive Support. They provide their clients with expert supply chain advice, direction, supply chain project management, ‘hands-on’ assistance through insourced support and a complete outsourced supply chain department managed by a supply chain manager. More information is available at www.supplychainmanager.com.au.

At Supply Chain Manager™ “we’ll do it for you”; at Supply Chain Coach® “we’ll show you how”.