At Supply Chain Coach® we develop the supply chain and logistics expertise of individuals and teams; provide guidance and tools to address their day-to-day responsibilities; and direction to accelerate their careers.

Supply Chain Coach® is a supply chain and logistics management coaching and executive education agency – powered and supported by LSC Solutions Pty Ltd which has been established since 2004. We help individuals and teams to establish world-class supply chains and operations that continuously create value, by providing coaching and executive education across five core supply chain capabilities: Supply Chain Performance, Strategy, Network, Processes and Resources.

We coach and train individuals and teams how to:

  • Rapidly achieve and sustain superior customer service performance through supply chain excellence
  • Use world-leading supply chain excellence methodologies to achieve world’s best practice to become and remain globally competitive
  • Improve supply chains end-to-end
  • Build scalable, sustainable, reliable, responsive, flexible and efficient supply chains and operations.

We provide a one-stop-shop solution with the capability to assist entire supply chains end-to-end, through the provision of personalised, tailored and flexible services.

Our Vision:

  • To make Australian companies the most competitive companies in the world.
  • To be Australia’s preferred provider of supply chain coaching and executive education programs, by empowering individuals and teams to establish world-class supply chains and operations that continuously create value.
  • To be an employer of choice and Australia’s preferred avenue for independent supply chain experts to fulfil their dreams and live their passion by empowering our clients to fulfil theirs.

Our Mission:

  • To empower individuals and teams to confidently achieve their firm’s corporate strategy through the establishment of globally-competitive, collaborative, reliable, responsive, flexible and efficient supply chains that continuously create value.
  • To build long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing a high level of quality, innovation, collaboration, customer-focus, respect and value-for-money service delivery options.
  • To build a highly collaborative team of employees and independent supply chain experts who:
    • hunger for world’s best practice methodologies and innovations
    • will stop at nothing to ensure our clients’ requirements, expectations and key deliverables are achieved, sustained and delivered in the most timely, effective and efficient way possible.

Value Proposition:

Coach and train individuals and teams how to:

  • Deliver a minimum 3:1 Return on Investment in coaching and professional development support
  • Protect their company’s reputation through customer service excellence
  • Maximise their company’s profitability and optimise their supply chain costs
  • Create business opportunities for their company to grow revenue
  • Co-create substantial value from supply chain collaborations and partnerships
  • Develop and implement best practice supply chain solutions across their company’s inbound and outbound supply chains and operations.